It’s 4 am under the stars | Fiction Poem

Read Author: Dear Poet

Prompt Used: It’s 4 am

It’s 4 am
under the stars
embracing my tone cloth of life
Sewing it with the third of
Cold Breeze
embroidering our constellation
To make my life of perfection

It’s 4 am
and here I am 
standing alone 
giving life to the words 
on a paper that I can’t speak 
decorating with continuous 
falling tears

It’s 4 am
I write, 
to let go out running in my mind 
but sometimes my words are not sufficient
To describe my situation of pain
That’s when I want to love 
Myself once again

It’s 4 am
When I dive into my dreams
Found myself lost,
Now, I’m Enlightened.

It's 4 am Success Illustration
Image credit : Freepik

Its means giving people the chance to rise up again and after they have fallen

Quote by Dear Poet

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