How can you overcome a broken relationship?

One thing, I mention in starting of this article is that I really don’t know your current situation as your partner finds out something wrong with you like double dating, smoking, or drugs or not giving enough time, etc., or the Same with another person.

Love Should have a boundary?

Trust me, You love someone so madly even does whatever he/she wants for him but If you expect the same love from that person, You’ll never get it. The principle is simple “When came to return the same amount love you given to your partner, Your partner became Selfish, Sad but True!”.

See, In life, Your first priority should be love to your family, relationship, and friends but please never ever arrange these relations order-wise because every relationship has its uniqueness.

Anyhow, You are now a person who got cheated and your partner left you after a few months or years of a relationship. I can genuinely tell you one thing, “No matter, how much you love a person but most probably after a certain point, She/He will start losing interest in you and he/she will never leave you directly like saying “Get lost, I don’t need you anymore” because She/he won’t want any guilt so he/she finds a way of leaving you without having any guilt. She/he will start looking bad things in you and will start fighting on those things and make them so bigger and after a point, She/he left you alone.

Scenario 1: Your Partner is still with you but Not Completely!

In many cases, “Partners do not really separate, They just make separations”. One thing here is possible no matter why you live separately but your love can spark again or maybe one day the separation became so big that you both of can can’t reduce it.

Better to say GoodBye!

Many times, You want to talk to that person but the person is “so busy in her life” that she/he has no time for you but always remember this quote from lord buddha…

“No one is so busy, It just matter of priotises”


In this condition, when you are kept trying to contact that person like you are like messaging him or calling him again n again but the is no response or very less respond after a long period of time then Please understand, It is a time to say “GoodBye to that Person”. I know, this will be very sad for you and also painful but Understand “This will have zero impact on another person” so leave him. If you want to cry, Cry!… It’s okay but In heart, You know that You loved him a lot and You tried everything possible for you, maybe she will not deserve gold like you.

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