Collection of Poems for 2022

All these Love Poems are Written by one of the finest and creative “Read author” professionally known as Dear Poet.

As Described by the poet throughout her all love poems, Love is not something that you try to do. It is a feeling and emotion for someone that describes love and affection. Being romantic for your partner doesn’t mean that you should be attracted to your partner’s body. No, This will make you unloyal and lusty. Finding love in someone by pleasuring him physically & mentally at the right stage of your life is the best thing for you & your partner.

“I’ve never had a moment’s doubt. I love you. I believe in you completely. You are my dearest one. My reason for life.”

Quote by Ian McEwan

1. Would you Really?

couple love
Boy and Girl Holding Hands

Prompt used in this poem: Would you

Would you stay still with me 
If the whole world stands against me 
would you still want me 
If I am not your little girl anymore

Would you still gaze at me 
If I am no longer as pretty as before
Would you still touch me 
If my body is not a version of pure 

Would you still call me 
If I am not a reason for your cure 
would you still kiss me,
when my lips don’t obey your words

Would you still hold me 
when I am Shattered 
My pieces blurred…

2. I planted a seed In my heart…

Awake image
Awake not Wake!

I planted a seed
In my heart 
and watered it 
with my incessant love 

my eyes absorbed 
and reflected sunlight 
after many weeping nights 
so much offense

In a morning 
I believe in magic again…

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3. Paint me

paint me poem
Paint Me

Prompt used: Paint me

Paint me with the colors on 
your white empty life’s Canvas
paint me as the ocean that 
as deep as your eyes 

Paint me as the moon 
showering love in you 
with a soft croon 

Paint me as your past 
or If you are not fine 
then paint me as your last

Paint me as a butterfly 
or blame me like a moth 
I’ll burn myself in you
as you are my flame.

I don’t care what you do
I just want to gaze at how I look at you…

4.Flying Like an Angel

In an open ground
With cold breezes

she gazes at the sky
wishing for the wings 
that could make her fly 
and then 

she shall break 
the force of gravity 
and fly like an angel 
In open sky 

but now she is only a girl 
Entangled in strings of 
narrow mind thoughts 

she will break that soon 
and her friends will be all around on the moon 
and also on the ground

I survived because the fire inside me burns brighter than the fire around me

Quote by Dear Poet

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