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Which investment app is best for me in India?

Okay, Let me tell you a simple thing before telling you a simple, FREE and Trusted Investment App.

Note : This is not an promotional Post. Please Consider this as my Personal View.

There are many apps for Investment in India and all over the world but Today, We only focus on one App. Why?
Because, If you have so many investment Apps, you gonna be stuck on daily basis.


  1. So Many Notifications
  2. Different App Policies
  3. Different Brokerage charges(Discuss later on)
  4. Account Opening FEE
  5. App Design and Simplicity
  6. Security & Trusted

Without Wasting too much, I like Groww and I personally recommend this to you also. Let’s take deep dive and see why I’m saying this?

Credit: Groww

See, I started investing by reading some mind blowing facts like how much India’s stock market has been grown in last 40 years. For example, If you bought 1 share of reliance in mid of 2016 which was ₹506 at that time. you will able you sale it this ₹2580 in October 2021. I don’t know in which month and year, you are reading this article but If you find this early. You’re Lucky!!!

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is NOW.”

Warren Buffet

Come to some factors so that you will also able choose best investment app for you.

Below I’m taking example of any another investment app for Comparison and so that you will also able to find out huge difference between Groww and other app.

Groww Vs Other Investment App

I will on data only and Facts. I hope you should too. If I ask you which company will grow 10x in next 10 years. You have to check its balance sheet, cash Flow, Revenue & Profit, Team Management, Debt and Other Factors. Same Here, as I already told you we compare it with other app.

Compare ZerodhaGroww
Type of Broker Discount BrokerDiscount Broker
Number of Branches 22Nope
Exchange MembershipNSE, BSE, MCX and NCDEXNSE, BSE
Year of Incorporation 20102016
Last Data Update : Oct-2021

As You seen in above table some basic history and how they both Operates in India. Now, Let’s see their main factors.

Groww account opening charges is Absolutely FREE. Zerodha opening Account charge is ₹200.

Zerodha Demat Account AMC Charges is Rs 300 and Groww Demat Account AMC Charges is again Absolutely FREE.

Confused??, See the table for Good Data Comparison.

Demat Account AMC Charges₹300FREE
Demat Account Opening ChargesFREE FREE
Trading Account AMC ChargesFREE FREE
Trading Account Opening Charges ₹200 FREE
Last Data Update : Oct-2021


There also so many features in Groww and other Investment Apps but I think what I discussed above is probably most important information to choose best investment app for You.

There are Others features too Like

Get $10(Rs 780) on opening FREE US Stocks Account. Which is also a good feature enables you to invest in Foreign Companies like Apple and Google with Zero Brokerage Charge.

Source: Groww
  1. Simple App Design and Easy to Buy and Sell.
  2. Good Customer Support(Need Little Improvement)
  3. Apply to IPO with Complete Depth Analysis Video and Information sources like Beautiful Charts and Past Records in table Form.
  4. Awesome Return Calculator which enables you to calculate your investment worth according to time period and Interest rate.
  5. Invest in Mutual Funds, Stocks, US Stocks and Digital Gold.
  6. Lots More, Visit Groww and Explore.

This is 1 Minute Curated Content for Today, See you Tomorrow.

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How to get massive discount on Shopping websites like Amazon and Flipkart?

I was that kind of person who used to think that loot deals are a hoax and nothing else, but my thinking changed that day when my friend told that ₹2000 item (Louis Phillipe Genuine leather belt) is being available for only 134 rupees, at first I felt this prank but when That order was placed then I came to know how wrong I was, I still don’t know what I have left till that day?

Note : If you are Impatient to Know.. How You can also Get these deals on your Phone. Go to Last of this Article😄😂

When you talk about online shopping hacks, they exist in different ways like Chrome extensions(not worth it for Indians) , Limited time deals, Upcoming Sale, Midnight Sale, Coupon Discount and few more. But Here, I’m not talking about these classical ways because almost everyone knows about them. That’s why they work upon your not skills. Probably in 90% cases , When you get to know about these deals, you find them “OUT of Stock” or “Temporary unavailable”.

herculas cycle loot
21 Gear Cycle at Lowest Price

Now, let’s talk about Loot dealsif you haven’t heard this term before. Let me tell you in the shortest possible way. These are the deals provided by companies as a marketing strategy to improve their rating and search rank on ecommerce apps like amazon and flipkart.

Loot deals or Marketing Deals are the most profitable deals. For example, Recently Lava company gave their ₹2999 Probuds only at ₹1. I know, You won’t believe it. 

Original Image by Sk(Telegram Channel member)

I placed an image of Probuds ordered by one of the telegram channel members but whenever you join that Telegram channel. You will get 2-3 these types of deals daily and 10-15 massive discount deals.

Lava Pro Buds Loot
Lava Pro Buds Amazon loot

Pros of these Loot deals

  1. Almost 95% real Discount in comparison to actual price of item.
  2. You get genuine and original products.
  3. Pay on Delivery available on almost every item so that If you don’t like it p but you ordered so that you don’t miss it. You can cancel it anytime. Money Saving!


  1. Available only for a maximum of 1-5 minute.

Why Companies sold their products at that much low price?

First you have to understand mindset of a company. In this time, growing without giving discounts is so hard because of massive competition. Thats why there are many big companies like Zomato, Amazon, Flipkart still in loss but they make profit from their loss in future.

Flipkart Sale
Syska Bulb Flipkart Sale

Note: These are 10 bulbs in ₹351.

There are so many marketing strategies that are used my companies like Guerrilla marketing, Ambient marketing, Stealth marketing and many more but discounts and free complimentries with items are the most liked startegy by people.

Recently, I purchased 10 cotton kurti in 10 rupees for my sisters. How is that Possible?
Image Credit : Lootly Deals ( Telegram member)

Now, Point is why they are selling them in 1 rupees?

  1. Is they are bad in Quality or Defective Pieces?
  2. There should be high delivery charge?
  3. Only for few 1000 custormers?
Here I list, why Companies provides massive discounts?

The more people will buy it, The more they recommend it

  • Spread Brand Awareness!
  • When someone get these deals at low price, Most probably, he/she will give good review about it.
  • Searches order increases on ecommerce apps like Amazon and flipkart.
  • When you start wearing one brand , probably next time you purchase that brand pruducts only.

How can I get these deals so quickly before they get “OUT OF STOCK”?

If you ask me, I trust on lootly deals (Absolutely FREE!), which is basically a telegram channel where you get all loots and massive Discount deals and I never get out stock message.
But 2–3 times because of my own internet speed😂
Join Now

They Also Have Website which is Insane.
Features in Short
1. Absolutely FREE + WorthWhile

2. Get Price History, Just By Proving Product Shareable Link or Search Manually.

3. Set Price Drop Alert for any product for any ecommerce company Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra and Etc.

4. They Give Deals and Coupons. They Don’t Sale Anything.

5. Price Comparison for Different Website. So now you don’t have check price on every ecommerce website manually.

Lots More….But You have To Explore it.

Official Website : Lootly Deals

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How to Start Investing in Early 20’s?

Career Investement Motivational

How to start investing in the early 20s?

Starting from Zero!

What do you think by investment means buying shares of any company and you will become rich or live a good life?
In the end, if you read this article completely till the end without missing any point, then you will get the answer to all the questions that arrived in your mind.

1. Childish Investment
2. Golden Period Investment
3. Diamond Investment

1. Childish Investment(K-12)

What I mean is that you are in your school yet, you have not completed 12 yet, I do not know which class you are in, but you can make the best investment here. How?
Well, what is essential for you at this time means what is necessary? It should not be money or a house or car, maybe it is needed but after 12th but before 12th what is essential?

Your studies and skills mean how you look at things, how sharp your mind is, how your thought process is? So, any problem that will come in the future, how will you solve it? Because big companies like Google and Microsoft need people who are more creative than hardworking who can straightforwardly solve big problems.

Try what you like from now on and what you can leave for him in the future so that you can make a career out of it. If you like to play, you have to know that in every other house the child wants to play, this competition is a lot and here you have to put effort, and then your dreams become a reality. Please never choose a hobby as a career because you like it today; maybe after a few years, you don’t like it or don’t have a job in it.
Many examples have done a lot at a very young age, so they believe in them and work hard. At this age, you have a lot of time because you neither have to worry about home nor job, then this would be the best time to strengthen your foundation.
I have already covered a complete topic on How to start an independent career after 12th?

2. Golden Period Investment(18-23)

This time is the golden period of your life, know why? Because you have the most energy and spirit, you can look at the history of all the big companies like OYO, Microsoft, Apple, Flipkart, etc. All these companies were formed in this golden period, and their valuation today is more than the GDP of any normal country. But why so?
Because you can take the most risk at this age if you are in college where you do not study, you will have plenty of time to do something big. See, I agree that you should start a job at this age for some time until you get your billion-dollar idea.

Suppose you see such a problem in the market that no one is working or even doing it, but you can do better than that. In that case, you should know that you have to invest your money in starting because no one is going to invest money in you in creating, but if your Idea is terrific and So people will come and invest money in your startup, you will not even need to go to them. Please, Never stop at Job because life is one 

3.Diamond Investment(After 23)

I do not know at what stage of life you are now? I consider that you are doing any kind of job, then what can you do at this age?. Okay, let me tell you why I called this diamond age because many people already have jobs, and they have adequate experience. Just as a diamond is severe, a person would be very hard at this age, he would have listened to many people very much, and he should know his value.

So you have both a job and experience at this time, so you can start investing money from here, meaning you can invest in mutual funds or stocks. I told you about it below. Remember one thing, never stop thinking, don’t believe that our golden period has passed, we can do nothing now.

“McDonald’s was started by two brothers at the age of 28 and today look at this company of 1000 crores.”

And you must have read about Ray Kroc , if you have not read, then you will know that no Age is the only number, but all of us are in our hand, and if you want to see the movie “The Founder”.You will amaze how ray Kroc, A 70-year-old man who made a company like Mcdonald a world top company.

Money Investment

Be at the Top.
Difference Between Share Market and Mutual Funds?

Many people have so many doubts about the share market that investing in the share market is risky, or you need lots of many to invest in the share market, etc. I know you watch an ad where it says, ” Mutual funds are subject to market risk, read all scheme documents carefully.” First, Understand that Stocks and mutual funds are different. To invest in Stocks, you need lots of knowledge and Experience because you can earn lots of money in a short period, but in mutual funds, you have required little knowledge of funds(which you can take from YouTube or any senior person) and Time.
When I say time means you have to give a minimum of 1 year to funds. Now talk about money. You can even start investing from 100 rupees. I think that arranging 100 rupees is not such a big deal for anyone.

How to Invest in Mutual Funds?

That is the most common question. So today, I will tell you a straightforward and easy method to invest money in mutual funds.
Many apps help you invest money, but I trust Groww because it is straightforward to invest in mutual funds through Groww.
What do you need to invest in your first mutual fund?
1. Bank Account
2. Pan card and Aadhar card
You can also do your Free KYC and Open your Demat account through Groww. It is free to invest in mutual funds through Groww.
I hope you will start earning through them. Always remember, everything needs investment and hard work. So never hesitate to invest in yourself because it multiplies your income more than 100x Time when you invest in yourself.

Note: Many people around you give you jobs like Data Entry & All, and after that, they ask you for subscription fees. Never pay any subscription for them because they are fraudsters, and they give you work after that, which is impossible to do.

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