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How do I transform my life?

First of all, I wanna congrats you on checking this article and searching about this question. First, I clear one thing…A few months ago, I’m also the person who loves to be at rest position & watching reels & youtube shorts was my favorite part of all this., and sometimes, I felt so bad about my life, Why I’m wasting my time? These questions always arise in my mind and after some time, I subconsciously start doing the things like watching reels & youtube videos.

Guilt is Permanent & Forever

Whenever I want to do something which I know i.e. bad for me & I take help of Excuses like If I have to watch videos on youtube, I’m like “Let’s watch curated content then I close Youtube but When I open Youtube, I watch list of eye-catching thumbnails & Youtube black magic recommendation.

This was happening for a very long time and Trust me, As I’m seeing my past version, I felt so bad for myself and I had very strong guilt for wasting so much time on useless things which I even do not remember what I watch on “that date” because our memory is needs revisions to memorize anything easily but “Can you watch a Video twice?”. May Yes, But If I ask you something about that video after 5 Years, I guarantee, You even can’t tell me the title of that video.

Never think that you are so unluckiest person on this planet who is doing this stuff, trust me, everyone is doing this except some great personalities and hard-working people like me & you…Who is finding ways to transform their life?

Never take Life so lightly…

Okay, tell me any species you know that don’t have to hustle for food and life?

Every single species on this planet from ant to whale, everyone doing hustle for food, life, and progression. you have to understand that we do not have any limits and never think that “we have to live once & die once” so doing hard work & earning money is waste of time. Maybe Yes but for a Monk and for a sadhu but not everyone can sacrifice relations, materialistic things, and emotions.

If you want to live 1000 times in one life, start doing something which provides you reputation and wealth.

Greek Philospher

and if you want to die 1000 times in one life start wasting your time on things that really don’t matter in your life…


  1. Watching Useless Videos
  2. Not Respecting Time
  3. Hanging out with Friends in Hustle Time
  4. Bad Habits like Smoking, Drinking, & Adult Videos
  5. Chasing Girls or Boys instead of stick to one.
  6. “No Big Aim, No Life”
  7. This list never ends but You can end this Forever….

Okay, But What’s the Solution?

Do practicing these things in your life…Your life will definitely transform…

Whenever any bad habit urges like watching videos or smoking & drinking, Just think one thing ” Why I’m not doing this?”. You know the answer because these all things “BAD HABITS”. These habits can destroy your life.

Checklist for Body Transformation

1. Starting eating Veggies food Only, Stop eating Meat and Eggs.

In one unbiased web series on Youtube( what the health ). You can clearly see that how eggs and meat can increase the chances of cancer and other diseases by more than 51%. No one is talking about that but trust me, This is a very serious issue so stop eating anything, just take care of your health.

2. Try to Read Books

A writer spends almost his/her full life writing a book but we love to watch 30 seconds videos.

Check my 5 best books recommendation: Check Now

3. Never take yourself lightly

Many people think that they can’t achieve that big goal because of their background or any other factor but my dear friend, See the list of 100 most successful people on this planet and you find one thing common that they are nothing when they started their career and more thing you found very common in them which is “They are hard-working & Self lover without being Rude”.

4. Take Help of Weapons

Please don’t confuse by the weapon word, It simply means to use things which can boost your productivity to the next level like taking help of the Internet in the right way, making good content on social media start searching for questions which are important for life and do not give up until you found the answer.

5. Enlightenment

Many people may not know about the term “enlightenment” before and According to the Internet, “Reed from ignorance and misinformation an enlightened people an enlightened time“. According to one of the famous Guru from India i.e. Sadhguru, Enlightenment is achieved when you are conscious about yourself and you have total control on your senses means If you like a sweet too much but You have Diabetes and Your doctor already warned you and Still, you ate that sweet than You are not Enlighten because You have no control on your Senses.


Everything is in your hand, take a paper and pen and write your next 30 days goals and start achieving them. Complete it once in a given time period and on the 31st day after successful accomplishment, You have a tremendous amount of confidence but do not start doing wrong things from the 31st day.

“Maintaining success is much harder than achieving success”

Thanks to yourself & Best on luck with your new Start.

Career Investement

Which investment app is best for me in India?

Okay, Let me tell you a simple thing before telling you a simple, FREE and Trusted Investment App.

Note : This is not an promotional Post. Please Consider this as my Personal View.

There are many apps for Investment in India and all over the world but Today, We only focus on one App. Why?
Because, If you have so many investment Apps, you gonna be stuck on daily basis.


  1. So Many Notifications
  2. Different App Policies
  3. Different Brokerage charges(Discuss later on)
  4. Account Opening FEE
  5. App Design and Simplicity
  6. Security & Trusted

Without Wasting too much, I like Groww and I personally recommend this to you also. Let’s take deep dive and see why I’m saying this?

Credit: Groww

See, I started investing by reading some mind blowing facts like how much India’s stock market has been grown in last 40 years. For example, If you bought 1 share of reliance in mid of 2016 which was ₹506 at that time. you will able you sale it this ₹2580 in October 2021. I don’t know in which month and year, you are reading this article but If you find this early. You’re Lucky!!!

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is NOW.”

Warren Buffet

Come to some factors so that you will also able choose best investment app for you.

Below I’m taking example of any another investment app for Comparison and so that you will also able to find out huge difference between Groww and other app.

Groww Vs Other Investment App

I will on data only and Facts. I hope you should too. If I ask you which company will grow 10x in next 10 years. You have to check its balance sheet, cash Flow, Revenue & Profit, Team Management, Debt and Other Factors. Same Here, as I already told you we compare it with other app.

Compare ZerodhaGroww
Type of Broker Discount BrokerDiscount Broker
Number of Branches 22Nope
Exchange MembershipNSE, BSE, MCX and NCDEXNSE, BSE
Year of Incorporation 20102016
Last Data Update : Oct-2021

As You seen in above table some basic history and how they both Operates in India. Now, Let’s see their main factors.

Groww account opening charges is Absolutely FREE. Zerodha opening Account charge is ₹200.

Zerodha Demat Account AMC Charges is Rs 300 and Groww Demat Account AMC Charges is again Absolutely FREE.

Confused??, See the table for Good Data Comparison.

Demat Account AMC Charges₹300FREE
Demat Account Opening ChargesFREE FREE
Trading Account AMC ChargesFREE FREE
Trading Account Opening Charges ₹200 FREE
Last Data Update : Oct-2021


There also so many features in Groww and other Investment Apps but I think what I discussed above is probably most important information to choose best investment app for You.

There are Others features too Like

Get $10(Rs 780) on opening FREE US Stocks Account. Which is also a good feature enables you to invest in Foreign Companies like Apple and Google with Zero Brokerage Charge.

Source: Groww
  1. Simple App Design and Easy to Buy and Sell.
  2. Good Customer Support(Need Little Improvement)
  3. Apply to IPO with Complete Depth Analysis Video and Information sources like Beautiful Charts and Past Records in table Form.
  4. Awesome Return Calculator which enables you to calculate your investment worth according to time period and Interest rate.
  5. Invest in Mutual Funds, Stocks, US Stocks and Digital Gold.
  6. Lots More, Visit Groww and Explore.

This is 1 Minute Curated Content for Today, See you Tomorrow.

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How to start an Independent Career after the 12th?

There are many High Salary Career options after 12th.

It is a ubiquitous question among every student, i.e., which courses after 12th should I pursue? What are career options after 12th in science, Commerce, and arts?

Save this article for reading after this : How to start investing in the early 20s?

These questions are valid because, after 12, we have so many fields like engineering, Government job preparation, or Business, we will come to them one by one. So, Our Discussion divided into three parts; in which the first Part is for Those Students who have taken Science (PCM) in Class 12; and In the second part, we discuss those students who have taken Commerce or Business studies in Class 12th and last but not the least Students. They have taken Arts in Class 12th. So let’s Start One By One & Our Fourth Category divided for Those students Who think their education doesn’t matter At All.

Working Professional

According To NEP(National Education Policy 2020)

No Rigid Separation Between Arts and Science Curriculum: There will not be a considerable difference between these two streams’ curriculum. Somebody will teach different subjects like Music and physical education in the future. Here you can check the complete change done in NEP 2020 in a short time.

1.What should I do after 12 in Science(PCM)?.

Science is one of the most reputed streams in class 12th. But that doesn’t mean that the rest will be wasted. No, But in the Science stream; You have so many options and Jobs to Apply in Comparison to other Streams. Okay, let come to the point. We divide this case into 2 points; the first point is for those students who are just appearing in class 12 and the second part for those who have just passed recently.
i. If you appear in class 12, and you have studied so hard in class 11th. You are good at studies. I would suggest you prepare for Jee Mains ( It is the National All India Engineering Exam), which helps you take admission in Such Big Colleges like IIT, NITs and IIITs and Many of Top private Colleges.
Consider your JEE mains scorecard, but if you are not useful in your studies, make yourSelf Good in your studies because Your 12th Percentage helps you get admission to a top college.
ii. If you just finished your 12th recently and got good marks on boards means more than 85%, then apply to any excellent college.
You can filter college by searching for Good College near me and see their eligibility criteria, fees, and placement record. You can also message me on Instagram regarding College Review @educatemeans. And if you want to go into IITs, NITs like such institutes, drop, if you have confidence, you can crack your last chance. And if you don’t get a good percentage on boards. You are not useful in studies( please don’t offend; I have to be honest with you). Please read another blog that helps you choose the right path or read the four categories of this blog.

Career Options:

PCM Students(Engineering) after 10+2

Bachelor of Technology (BE/BTech)Bachelor of Architecture (BArch)Bachelor of Science (in Pure Sciences)Bachelor in Computer Applications (IT and Software)Defense like NDA, Army, and Many More.

PCB Students(Medical) after 10+2

Bachelor of Technology (BE/BTech)Bachelor of Architecture (BArch)Bachelor of Science (in Pure Sciences)Bachelor in Computer Applications (IT and Software)Defense like NDA, Army, and Many More.Your Stream Never decide your Future, You only decide Your Future

2.What should I do after 12 in Commerce or Business Studies?

I will tell you options which you have after completing your 12th in the commerce stream and How you can apply and make a career in these Options.

1.BCom(in Accounting and Commerce)

Bachelor of Commerce, also known as BCom/BCom (Hons), is an undergraduate degree pursued by students who have cleared 12th class in Science, Arts, or Commerce stream. However, the primary preference will be given to students who have studied Commerce at 10+2 level. The duration of the course spans over three years in Indian colleges/Universities. Here is some useful information for aspirants looking to take up time in Business Studies & Commerce:

2.BBA LLB (5-year integrated program)

Law degree and you can apply for this by any right college. there are some good colleges.

Law colleges in India

National Law School of India University,BangaloreNational Law University, New DelhiNalsar University of Law, HyderabadRajiv Gandhi School of Intellectual Property Law, IIT Kharagpur

3.Chartered Accountant(CA)

It is the most toughest and reputed Job considered after 12th in Commerce Stream. You can also apply for this.Notice:

If you clear it please mail me, Because I know that you can do anything 😛

Eligibility criteria for Chartered Accountant(CA)

For direct entry to Intermediate course, the candidate must be Commerce Graduates/Post-Graduates (with minimum 55% marks) or Other Graduates/Post-Graduates (with minimum 60% marks) from a recognized university(including Open University).

Note:There is lots of more options available but I tell you which are highly paid professions in this stream.

3.What should I do after 12 in Arts Stream?

If you have cleared Class 12 from the art side, many people have already told you about the most popular and first most challenging exam in India:(UPSC), So let us discuss first UPSC, then we discuss other options.

1.UPSC (Union Public Service Commission)

The Civil Services Examination is a nationwide competitive examination in India conducted by the Union Public Service Commission to recruit various Civil Services of India’s Government, including the Indian Administrative Service(IAS), Indian Foreign Service, and Indian Police Service(IPS).

Eligibility Criteria

You should have Completed your Under graduation. The candidate must have attained the age of 21 years and must not have reached 32 years (for the General category candidate) on 1 August of the year of examination. Prescribed age limits vary concerning caste reservations. For Other Backward Castes (OBC), the upper age limit is 35 years.

Graduation Options

BA in Humanities & Social SciencesBA in Arts (Fine/Visual/Performing)Bachelor of Design (in Animation)BA LLB (5-year Integrated Programme)Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communication (BJMC)

Those students Who think their College education doesn’t matter for you like me. They can make a career in these fields.

Independent Careers

Team of Engineers
Note: I’m not telling you to leave school or College. It depends on your Risk capability.

I know & teach lot about Computer Science and Digital Marketing, so I talk much about them. You can read Other careers from other sources, but these careers are the most paying and reliable careers, as everyone knows. We discuss this now. And figure out is it like this or do people only speak?

Careers in Computer Science: Complete Guidance

Computer Science is very vast, Here you have lots of Careers. from some of them I listed belowFull-Stack Web developer ❤.Data scientist.Software Engineer.Network architect.Systems analyst.Computer Hardware EngineerApp Developer🔥

Let’s understand why you want to start a computer science career and know how you can actually?

There are many reasons behind this. Maybe you can relate to some of them.

1.Better Job😊

I mean to say according to surveys, Computer science is the most popular branch that provides the highest salary, but it depends on your Qualifications (Myth).

Qualification Skills📑

Let’s consider three different cases based on Qualifications.

Person I graduated from MIT( Worlds No. 1 University) has very high chances to get a good job.
Person II graduated from IIT Bombay(India’s No.1 Engineering Institute). You can consider according to your country but try to understand the point. Okay, Person II also has a high chance, not a very high chance but a high chance to get a good job quickly.
Person III graduated from a tier 3 College. Visitors like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, etc., are significantly less or maybe none of the come to his/her college for placement, and the chances of getting a job are meager.

Now, many of you were thinking that Person III is never getting a job but In many cases, It is a fact but not Truth. How?

Read this Report

“This reflects in the employability of the engineers — of more than 1.5 million engineers who graduate each year, 80% are unemployed and close to 45% can be made employable with the right intervention.”

Now you may get Demotivated and Disappointed but Please try to understand this. I want to put reality in front of you and after all, you have to decide what is right for you and what is bad for you?

All Top companies Founders of the world have mentioned that their College didn’t matter in their Success. And many of them are College dropout like Bill Gates(Microsoft), Ritesh Aggarwal(OYO)Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), and many more examples.You can Be the Next!
Your College, Your Marks, Your Degree Nothing Matters if you Have a better plan for the future and courage towards your goal, but I am not trying to say that stop studying for colleges.No, Good College Will Decrease your hard work for getting a Job.

How can you start a career in Computer science?

If you follow the things given below, you will get a job without the help of college.


The first thing is that starting from basics means that you understand how a computer works and learn all the features of a computer. After this Pick, any programming language like Python, Java, C++, etc. But I suggest you start from Python because it is easy to understand and Has high Demand in the Market.
And if you want to become a Web developer and MERN(Mongo, ExpressJS, ReactJS, NodeJS) developer. You have to understand these basics languages first Html, CSS, Javascript, and there’s lots more to become profitable. You can learn them from w3schools, freecodecamp, websites, and the best free source is YouTube.


Once you start learning a language, then start doing online work for people. They will pay 🤑 you for that skill and by that you can grab topics firmly.
Now, You may think, How can I start this?
There are many trusted Websites like FiverrUpwork and Freelancer which provide online jobs on your skills. I have to talked freelancing a lot in my complete Digital Marketing Roadmap 2021 .Practice makes a Person Perfect


Once you start this, start contributing to open source projects like VLC, Camstudio, etc. As companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, etc., organize coding competitions every year, you have to participate. Through them, you can get the job and give cash prizes and many other things and here you have to write code for problems provided by them.

How Do I Build My Strong Portfolio?

Your Resume or Your Portfolio😎 will increase your chance to get a job quickly. So for this Follow these Steps:-
Practice on Such websites like HackerEarth and hacker rank, and these websites will also conduct competitions on behalf of this they pay an amount For Winners. You can Certificate that Will help you more in getting a job quickly. Take Part in Google Summer Camp according to your Age. There are thousands of Programs available for interns. What are you waiting for? Go and register them free😁.

I hope you will get something from it and I apologize, if there are any spelling errors present. Suggestions and constructive feedback. are always acceptable.
Career Investement Motivational

How to start investing in the early 20s?

Starting from Zero!

What do you think by investment means buying shares of any company and you will become rich or live a good life?
In the end, if you read this article completely till the end without missing any point, then you will get the answer to all the questions that arrived in your mind.

1. Childish Investment
2. Golden Period Investment
3. Diamond Investment

1. Childish Investment(K-12)

What I mean is that you are in your school yet, you have not completed 12 yet, I do not know which class you are in, but you can make the best investment here. How?
Well, what is essential for you at this time means what is necessary? It should not be money or a house or car, maybe it is needed but after 12th but before 12th what is essential?

Your studies and skills mean how you look at things, how sharp your mind is, how your thought process is? So, any problem that will come in the future, how will you solve it? Because big companies like Google and Microsoft need people who are more creative than hardworking who can straightforwardly solve big problems.

Try what you like from now on and what you can leave for him in the future so that you can make a career out of it. If you like to play, you have to know that in every other house the child wants to play, this competition is a lot and here you have to put effort, and then your dreams become a reality. Please never choose a hobby as a career because you like it today; maybe after a few years, you don’t like it or don’t have a job in it.
Many examples have done a lot at a very young age, so they believe in them and work hard. At this age, you have a lot of time because you neither have to worry about home nor job, then this would be the best time to strengthen your foundation.
I have already covered a complete topic on How to start an independent career after 12th?

2. Golden Period Investment(18-23)

This time is the golden period of your life, know why? Because you have the most energy and spirit, you can look at the history of all the big companies like OYO, Microsoft, Apple, Flipkart, etc. All these companies were formed in this golden period, and their valuation today is more than the GDP of any normal country. But why so?
Because you can take the most risk at this age if you are in college where you do not study, you will have plenty of time to do something big. See, I agree that you should start a job at this age for some time until you get your billion-dollar idea.

Suppose you see such a problem in the market that no one is working or even doing it, but you can do better than that. In that case, you should know that you have to invest your money in starting because no one is going to invest money in you in creating, but if your Idea is terrific and So people will come and invest money in your startup, you will not even need to go to them. Please, Never stop at Job because life is one 

3.Diamond Investment(After 23)

I do not know at what stage of life you are now? I consider that you are doing any kind of job, then what can you do at this age?. Okay, let me tell you why I called this diamond age because many people already have jobs, and they have adequate experience. Just as a diamond is severe, a person would be very hard at this age, he would have listened to many people very much, and he should know his value.

So you have both a job and experience at this time, so you can start investing money from here, meaning you can invest in mutual funds or stocks. I told you about it below. Remember one thing, never stop thinking, don’t believe that our golden period has passed, we can do nothing now.

“McDonald’s was started by two brothers at the age of 28 and today look at this company of 1000 crores.”

And you must have read about Ray Kroc , if you have not read, then you will know that no Age is the only number, but all of us are in our hand, and if you want to see the movie “The Founder”.You will amaze how ray Kroc, A 70-year-old man who made a company like Mcdonald a world top company.

Money Investment

Be at the Top.
Difference Between Share Market and Mutual Funds?

Many people have so many doubts about the share market that investing in the share market is risky, or you need lots of many to invest in the share market, etc. I know you watch an ad where it says, ” Mutual funds are subject to market risk, read all scheme documents carefully.” First, Understand that Stocks and mutual funds are different. To invest in Stocks, you need lots of knowledge and Experience because you can earn lots of money in a short period, but in mutual funds, you have required little knowledge of funds(which you can take from YouTube or any senior person) and Time.
When I say time means you have to give a minimum of 1 year to funds. Now talk about money. You can even start investing from 100 rupees. I think that arranging 100 rupees is not such a big deal for anyone.

How to Invest in Mutual Funds?

That is the most common question. So today, I will tell you a straightforward and easy method to invest money in mutual funds.
Many apps help you invest money, but I trust Groww because it is straightforward to invest in mutual funds through Groww.
What do you need to invest in your first mutual fund?
1. Bank Account
2. Pan card and Aadhar card
You can also do your Free KYC and Open your Demat account through Groww. It is free to invest in mutual funds through Groww.
I hope you will start earning through them. Always remember, everything needs investment and hard work. So never hesitate to invest in yourself because it multiplies your income more than 100x Time when you invest in yourself.

Note: Many people around you give you jobs like Data Entry & All, and after that, they ask you for subscription fees. Never pay any subscription for them because they are fraudsters, and they give you work after that, which is impossible to do.

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