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Cages of a lady | Heart Touching Poem

Cages of a lady” is a great poem that describes how a girl faces restrictions on society and her family. There are so many phases of a girl life tries to show by poet, probably every girl faced one of the phases in his life.

Read Author: Dear Poet

Prompt Used: my cage

Dad told me once that
I am a free bird 
but wearing short clothes was my cage

In my teenage my mum
told me that fly for your dreams
but seeing dreams,
not of my desire was my cage

Getting older my brother
told me that marry
whom you love but fall in love with the guy was my cage

After marriage, my husband told me that 
Do what you want
but staying inside against my wish was my cage

At death bed
I realize that all that was not
my cage
but not to break the cages 
was my cage

No matter how plain a lady may be, if truth and honesty are written across her face, she will be beautiful.


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