How to earn Money Without Investment in 2021?

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Complete Digital Marketing RoadMap 2021

As we all know technology is evolving every single day , we get to know everyday like someone create this app or introduce this ‘n’ this technology like this stuff, to be very precise the time is not so far when everything is handle by machines because if you go to ourworldindata survey in 1990’s there is 0% internet users in india and 0.78% Users in USA.

But Today half of the world Population uses the Internet and in 2022 may be Internet will FREE for Everyone. Big companies like Google, Reliance , Facebook and SpaceX are working on this project.
As you all know that In Covid-19, people Who are working in the field of digital marketing are doing well because in digital marketing, you only need some basic requirements like Pc and Internet connection.

Now let's go through Some Pros and Cons of Digital marketing in 2021.

Pros Of Digital Marketing

1.There is no limit on earnings. You Only have to pay Taxes.
2. You don’t have to meet your clients physically which is a good thing if we see from the point of view of Pandemic.
3.There are so many things that work on automation means you only have to work once on your product & the rest will be done by promotions and value of product.
4.Digital marketing provides you an independent career means you don't work under anyone,you can work whenever you want.

Cons of Digital Marketing

1.If you don’t get good guidance in starting of your career in digital marketing then you probably will not earn a single rupee from digital marketing. Good guidance is so necessary in digital marketing. You can follow my complete Free course on digital marketing where I teach from Zero to advance with live Examples and proofs.
2.In Starting, It's so hard to get customers in digital marketing because we don’t know how to get started in digital marketing. May you already feel this problem. No need to worry., go to the Homepage of this website and check out my Course. I will tell you every Secret how to Get your first few clients?
3.Because Digital Marketing is convenient for every age group and not required as such skills, there is also lots of competition so you have to “best of best''.

There are so many ways to earn money like Content writing, SaaS Business, Affiliate marketing, freelancing and Many more. Don't you think that all are working? Sometimes all of them are working, but they take lots of time and effort. Okay, Let's discuss some most relaxed way to start earning online without investment. I suggest Some quick ways to make money online even when you are sleeping; they will generate income. Interesting?

I know many of you heard about this many times, and also you have tried this, but I have some best method to earn money through Blogging within a month. Trust me; these methods are working and practical. In Blogging, the first main problem is How should I make a good Website at the lowest price?, your question regarding a good site is straightforward.You can hire us or you can make website by watching my Website tutorials on Educate Community. Now come to the second problem, how can I write more engaging content than others, and what are the top niches in Blogging? To write content more attractive and easy to find for Google, you have to do some SEO. No need to worry; I will tell you some cool tricks which you can apply in SEO of your blog. There are two things When you talk about How to write content more attractive.


2.Grip on language which you select to write content.

Note:Always write a blog in One language Only—no matter which language you choose.

Image Optimization and Quality images are Important. I personally use Canva for Everything Facebook, YouTube Thumbnail, eBook and Many More.

How to do SEO for my blog?

SEO means that you have to help Search Engines ( Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) to find your post by adding right keywords to your blog quickly. But now the question arises that how to find right keywords for the blog? Many websites help you to find the right keywords but I recommend Ubersuggest. I Know many this is also not free, but some of the features are free, but this is a valuable investment at that Time because this tool has so many features like finding backlinks, keywords, competitors, rank, and many more.

How to get a grip on blog content language?

Before starting, you have to choose one language; you can read and write that language correctly. It is the most common language that anyone can understand, but here is a problem when we write a blog, we made some grammar mistakes like forgetting comma, Spelling mistakes, using the incorrect word, etc. But this is not the problem anymore because there is much software that you in correcting your grammar, but again, I suggest you take Grammarly help because it is the most powerful tool I have ever seen. Grammarly can be used in day to life no matter if you write anything on google, WhatsApp, Facebook anywhere, it automatically helps you correct your mistakes. With a few clicks, You can make your blog mistake-free. Grammarly has its free and paid version both. In the free version, you can correct words only, but in the paid version, you can update your punctuation and suggest some unique names that help your content be more engaging, and you can check that your blog content score and many more things. I think this is also a valuable investment because you can use Grammarly in Day to day life.

Let us Discuss some Top Niches in the field of Blogging.

1.Health and Fitness

That is the most awaited and popular niche because no one wants to share her/his health issue with everyone. You can also promote any product by answering this question because health issues are increasing, and 70% of health problems are a cure with the internet's help. To write an answer genuinely, which helps someone promote genuine products, but how to boost development?. You can promote products through Clickbank. It is an open marketplace used by many pro bloggers to promote a product, and with the help of every sale, you can earn up to 50 % of the commission.


Here you can suggest some books which can help them in studies. You can join any affiliate program of any E-commerce website, or you can sell through Click bank.

3.Beauty and Hairstyle

Many bloggers sell beauty products through their blogs by giving some beauty tips. In between this, they suggest a beauty product.

4.Real estate

You can review any property and sell homes & flats through your link, and they will pay you for that.

5.Government Jobs

Many People run websites like, and all these sites earn their revenue through AdSense mean by Adding add to Website. Here you can Suggest Competition Books.

Career in Itself!


I don't need to talk much about YouTube because everyone knows about YouTube earnings and how to earn through YouTube:
Benefits of YouTube
i.Earn Through Advertisement
ii.Grow your Audience
iv.Sell merchandises without any physical distribution
v.Work anytime, No pressure
But at that Time grow on YouTube is a little much harder. It takes Time, maybe a year, to expand on YouTube but no need to worry; there is much software that helps you boost your video and tell you how can you rank your video on YouTube?. For that, I Use Tubebuddy. You can find the right tags and keywords for your video and check how your competitor grows on YouTube and which titles they use for their video.

2.Be a Freelancer!

It is also a way to earn money from home by doing an online job. Suppose you know any skills like website development, Content writer, data entry, etc. Many people need these types of services & they pay for that. Now, Which Website is trustable to do freelancing?
Website for Freelancing
III.Skill Share

Note:If You new in freelancing, I prefer you to try according websites order given Above⬆.


Yeah, you can teach anyone online.As you already Know, Covid-19 has shift almost 100% offline education to online. I know that that Covid-19 is end now but Students and Learners are getting habit of Online learning and Many Ed-tech startups like Unacademy become Unicorn this Year means their valuation is more 100 crore. So Explore these I listed them Below. Go and Check it out.
Website/Apps for Teaching
I.Unacademy, Vedantu,and Byju

4.SaaS Business(Software as Service)

Many people may not be aware about it, SAAS as “Software as a Service” means you created a website or software which helps users in completing a hard task in a simple way but you also charge use of service. May be yearly or monthly depending on your service. Then it's known as SaaS Business. For Example, Semrush, Canva,Uber Suggest these all membership lies in SaaS Category. If you want to know more about this then you can follow the Digital marketing Series.

5.Image and Video Selling

At that time, everyone had a smartphone or Digital camera, and many were good photographers, or they clicked perfect photos. If I say, you will get paid for every single day for your photos. Yeah, I know you may trust me. It works .There are so many websites that sell images at high prices for clients who use those images in their videos, ads, promo, etc. That's why the site pays money for its Contributors. Still, Every place is not so trusted worthy because they don't show you the actual sales because many sites offer you to upload your photos free of cost & that's why everyone uploads random pictures because of this, This website shows premium customer photos first after that other photo will come, and if you are a beginner, there is so much probability that your image takes one year to rank. But no need to worry, there is a website which works on impressions, which means that when purchasing their membership only for $1. Then it recommends your images to other users instantly like an advertisement. Due to this, you don't have to wait, and this is a one-time membership so you can earn money every day. So, I recommend you to join Shutterstocks. If you want to make money and you have good photos, then sure, join it.

Marketing Roadmap

Some Personal Tips and Tricks to get started in Digital marketing

🔴There is no shortcut to earn money. So, stop wasting time on clickbait videos!
🔴 Try to learn new skills so that people pay you for that. Like Web Development, Adobe Photoshop, Graphic designing, Content Writing ,etc.
🔴 Start with Small , Never try to start a big project without having a good backup.
🔴 Be Update your content regularly.
🔴 Use Social media to grow your audience.
🔴Use Secret apps and free resources for traffic which I discuss in my YouTube videos.
🔴Create your own path plan in digital marketing.
🔴Have Patience! because “Good things take time to grow”.

I hope You got something more from it, love to hear your constructive Feedbacks on Instagram and on YouTube

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