Google Hash Code 2021 : Complete Detail , Prizes, Preparation Tips, Last Apply Date

Google Organize every year so many coding Competitions like google Kickstart, google summer code, google code jam, etc. All over the world, due to respect programmers from all over the world participate in these coding competitions.
As all of this google has organized Google hash code 2021 , In this competition any person from all over the world except North Korea, Quebec, Canada, Crimea, Iran. Individually or team can apply. google hashcode 2021

How to Apply Google Hash Code 2021 and what is Eligibility Criteria?

Minimum Age : You must be at least sixteen (16) years of age at the time you register for a Contest in order to participate in the Contest; however, to participate in a final round of Code Jam or Hash Code, you must be at least eighteen (18) years old or the age of majority in your country of residence (whichever is greater) at the time of your initial registration for Code Jam or Hash Code. Additional restrictions may be included in the Rules for a Contest.
Prohibited Countries: North Korea, Quebec, Canada, Crimea, Iran.
Apply Date Start : 23 November (Team wise) & 7 January 2021 (Individually)
Deadline: February 22, 2021.

How to register in Google hash Code 2021?

Registration will open in early 2021 and you can register at You must complete the following 3 steps in order to compete in Hash Code 2021:
  1. create a Coding Competitions profile and/or update your existing profile.
  2. register for Hash Code 2021 specifically and form a team of 2 to 4 people in the Judge System.

How to Form a team for competition?

Just join Hash Code's Facebook group and Interact with other coders and make your own team or join in someone's team.

How to prepare for Google Hash code 2021?|Personal tips|Preparation Strategy

Google provides problems to you on any theme like last year's first round theme is Google Books and the final round theme is Assembling Phones. you can see complete past years problem statements in google archive where you can view problems and download complete files for offline practice.
Problems, Basically you can solve coding problems in any programming language but it must comply with google coding competition terms. Please read them carefully to ensure that you don't disqualify later on.
Solution for Google Competition Problems, As you all know all big tech companies like Google, Microsoft, Adobe ,etc. need Data Structure and Algorithms on tips. So now you can easily understand that if you are good in DS and Algorithms then It's probably a higher chance to Qualify google coding competition.

Where to Prepare for Coding Competitions?

As most of the coding competitions need good understanding of competitive programming. Below there is a complete roadmap for google hash code 2021 where I provide complete details and Resources to crack any coding competition easily . You can watch an explanation video of roadmap too.
Download Google Hash code 2021 RoadMap from here 👉🏼Download Here


According to Google, Prize distribution should be like this:
Prize Winners Google will notify each Team member about whether or not they have qualified for any prizes. Notifications are going to be made during the closing ceremony of the planet Finals. All decisions by the Jury regarding prize winners are final and binding and no correspondence are going to be entered into regarding prizes.
HashCode Cash Prizes you'll be eligible to receive one among the subsequent cash prizes if you advance to, attend, and compete within the World Finals. The prize specified below reflects the quantity everyone on the winning Team will receive.

Team Rank Prize Money Per Participant


Google may occasionally, and at its sole discretion, divulge Google-branded objects, Google-related products, or other goodies (“Goodies ”) to World Finals participants as a part of their participation within the Hash Code Contest. These Goodies aren't prizes and must not be treated as prizes by participants. Recipients of Goodies are liable for ensuring that they suit any applicable tax laws and filing requirements (if any).


Members of Teams that submit an answer scoring a minimum of one (1) point during either the web Qualification or World Finals are eligible to receive a downloadable and printable certificate, which can be accessible from their Contest Profile approximately a month after each Round’s completion.

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