About Us

Hey Educates, I’m a person who saw a dream to give core value of education without teaching them school or college books because we all know that how much they are useful in our life??

about us
Always Grow, Source: YOU!

Leaving this aside, Knowing about my past may not give you that inspiration because I’m also a person who followed the “Society System” means Go to School then College, and then Job But In my case, I limit to School only. Left my college after wasting 1 month but that month teach me a lot about life. I’m not saying that you should leave college, Just to show that you are a very “Cool guy”.

If You have a Strong Purpose and college has no relation with that at all.
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Tell Us about this platform?

Educatemeans, Totally a FREE, India’s First Regional language Summary Website.
I just put my all savings, I earn from creating websites. I’m happy with just show your love not Sympathy!

What is Different here?

I think this question should be asked from every creator because it is almost a 0.1% chance available on this whole planet that your idea is totally unique. Somewhere, someone is doing that but how you make it different that’s important for you and for your audience.

What Unique?

  1. Clean Ui Website

It is seen that for a long time that especially Hindi Summary websites are ugly. they put too many ads and Copied them from somewhere else. This is so irritating for me whenever I want to read book summaries in my mother tongue i.e. Hindi.
I don’t want to criticize that’s why I’m hiding the website’s names but this is the only way to clear my point visually.

2. Copied Content not Anymore!!!

Basically, Most people found this main problem in Summary Websites.
1. Content Writers are not Real. That means they are writing only just to make money. They are “Human Typewriters“.
They Quickly watch a summary video or read other’s summary on the Internet and Write it by rephrasing sentences. See, “Only a good reader can become a good writer in Life”.

That’s why We strictly focus on this & especially when it comes to in the context of Educatemeans. We call out our Content writers as “Read Author“.
If You are also a Good Reader and Have the skills to share a complete book in a summary. Here You have a chance to change lives and Get paid up to $8 per Summary and Giveaways like Amazon Voucher and Paytm Cash Lifafa.
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We only love to Deliver in Indian Language because we strongly believe “language should not be the barrier to learning new things”.

If you have questions, Checkout our FAQ Page, and if you don’t found your Question there then Comment Here. We assure you that you will get your reply within 24 Hours.

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